Rajasthan’s Luxurious Palaces Turned Into Heritage Hotels

“Providence has created the Maharajas to offer a spectacle to the world,” wrote Rudyard Kipling, author of ‘The Book of the Virgins’. In the year, 1947, the Maharajas of Indian states went out to enjoy Shikar (the art of hunting) in deluxe Rolls Royce, entrusted art, furniture, jewels and the most admired European companies and practiced hospitality with banquets for their guests. For centuries, they lived in walled fortresses or palaces with terraces and gardens, with separate wings for women and servants.

It is now possible to share this life of refinement with Luxury Hotels in Rajasthan. The Maharajas have opened their palaces, hunting camps and summer residences, whose maintenance and restoration was too costly for them, and live with the guests, with whom they share the history of their family. They have changed hedonism for sustainable tourism and eccentricities for the restoration of artistic heritage and worked for the development of the community. In Rajasthan, northeastern India, lies Umaid Bhawan Palace, the sixth largest private residence in the world. Part of this sandstone fort in Jodhpur is a hotel of the prestigious chain Taj Hotels. Decorated in ‘art deco’ style, it includes ten acres of gardens with peacocks, a museum of the royal family and an underground pool.

Another of the properties of the Maharaja of Jodhpur is Ahhichatragarh Fort, also called Nagaur Fort. After 20 years of restoration work, the hotel Ranvas Nagaur has recovered the sophisticated atmosphere that served as a refuge for the women of the royal family. It is divided into 27 rooms distributed in ten ‘havalis,’ traditional buildings of Rajasthan, which have their own porticoed courtyard. It is also possible to stay at Royal Tents Nagaur, a camp of luxuriously fitted tents within the fortress of the V century. It is an adventurous place to enjoy the sunset in the jeep chasing gazelles and antelopes around. You can also enjoy your stay in Ahhichatragarh Fort, go for Royal Rajasthan tours and experience the deluxe amenities at their best.

Jaipur (the Pink City) has some of the most sumptuous Rajasthan hotels in the region. Both at Rambagh Palace and at Sukhman Rajmahal Palace there have been world dignitaries such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth II or the shah of Iran. The marble stairs, the chandelier rooms and the suites they occupied now welcome less illustrious guests who enjoy the same hospitality of the Maharaja. The stay in the palaces is complemented with experiences like pool parties, outdoor dinners, music concerts, and safaris, that allow being part of a lifestyle already disappeared, to feel like the guests of a king. Both the hotels are included in the list of Luxury Hotels in Rajasthan. If you are ready to experience the traditional touch of Royal families, plan your trip to Rajasthan today.

Homestays In Shimla For A Fulfilling Holiday

I love exploring India to find its hidden treasures and it has impressed me every single time. It may not be a very popular holiday destination, but India does have plenty to offer for those who care to stop and experience something different. Shimla is among the spots I have had the pleasure to explore this country. It is in Himachal Pradesh and very popular hill town at that. Indian vacationers love this location probably because of the rich heritage, historical and cultural backgrounds it showcases. Some of the areas that are a must visit here include Observatory Hill, The Ridge, Jakhu Temple, Arki Fort, Himachal State Museum and Hadimba Temple among many others. I just love the architecture behind all these sites.

A day is definitely never enough for me to enjoy all the things Shimla has to offer me and hence I always begin by thinking about my accommodation while here. Homestays in Shimla are some of the most rewarding because of how comfortable and convenient they are. They are made up of villas, apartments, contemporary houses, farmhouses and cottages. Each of these options has something unique to offer during a stay. To get the best, I start by evaluating what kind of stay I want to enjoy, the number of people I am travelling with, the locations and sites I am interested while visiting Shimla and the amount of money I wish to spend during the vacation.

After I have a clear picture of what my visit to the town should be like, I start looking through the Shimla homestays available for my dates of travel. There are very good online sites with all details I need about the homestays to make my choice according to my preferences. Such information sources have detailed information on the facilities and include pictures of the exteriors and interiors. Using such information, I get to compare homestays in Shimla and choose accordingly. Some of the cheaper homestays options are Sharma Home Stay in Shimla, Aamantran Stays, Rajkumari Amritkaur Guest House.

The location of the homestays, its size, amenities provided for and the rates are some of the things I must look at before making my selection. Even though the holidays are supposed to be about relaxing, I make sure that the property I select has an internet connection so I can stay in touch with those who matter and updated about things that matter. I am also a nature lover and I pay attention to where the accommodation facility is located. Considering that Shimla is surrounded by thick green valleys, pine tree forests that are dense and lofty mountains, I select a homestays offering me some of these magnificent views. like Observatory Hill Guest House.

Amongst the things I love the most about the homestays here is how comfortable they are designed to be. There are cozy sitting areas and very comfortable beds and relaxing bathrooms in most of the facilities. Most also some fully equipped and supplied with personal effects travelers like me may need during the vacation. I do not have to pack up too much of my stuff when going for a homestays vacation in this town. Some famous guesthouses in shimla are Exotic Naturals Guest House, Aapo Aap Home Stay, Shimla Guest House, Kumar Guest House, Chandan Guest house.

How to Protect Playing Cards

Card games are very popular. In my case I enjoy playing bridge with friends. Many playing cards can be purchased relatively cheaply, but if you play cards a lot you might find yourself repeatedly purchasing new packs of cards.

Cheap cards might not break the bank to replace, but suppose someone has give you a nice, decorative, boxed set of cards. There are lots around, and these can cost anything from around $15 (£12). Still not a huge amount, but you wouldn’t want to keep paying to replace them and the gift might hold sentimental value as well.

You want to look after your cards properly so you can enjoy using them but give them the maximum life possible before having to replace them.

There are very simple ways of doing this.

First, make sure your hands are clean before handling the cards. Sticky children’s fingers (and sticky adult fingers) will quickly stop the cards from fanning out and make dealing and shuffling difficult. If you are a bridge player and are playing with friends, maybe hand round a packet of wet wipes after that all important break for tea and cakes.

Secondly, make sure you are careful when you place the cards back in their box at the end of a game. It only takes a few seconds to tap the cards gently back into place so they form a uniform stack with no stray cards poking out edges or corners. If you don’t do this and stuff an uneven deck of cards back in their box you will quickly damage the edges and corners, which again will make dealing and fanning the cards difficult.

Thirdly, try to keep your cards away from a damp atmosphere. Storing them in a damp cupboard, on a windowsill prone to condensation or in a damp cellar will cause them to warp and discolour, making them unplayable.

Fourthly, if cards do become sticky because sticky fingers handled them, try cleaning them gently with a damp cloth that has been wrung out. This will remove any stick residue from sweets or cakes.

Fifthly, something I’d not come across until I started researching this article, but I think I will be buying some. Fanning powder. Available for just a few pounds or dollars on a well known site named after a South American river. You apply a small amount of the power to the surface of the cards and this helps them to fan out and deal much more easily.

This will reduce rough handling if players are having difficulty with fanning out sticky cards. It will also help players with reduced dexterity by making it easier to sort and handle their cards.

I did see it suggested that a small amount of talcum powder might have a similar effect. I think I’m going to try that one, too.

Sixthly. Handle your cards with care when they are in their boxes. Throwing them in a cupboard, dropping them on the floor, or wedging them at an angle between other heavy objects will damage the box and put pressure on the cards, causing them to distort.

Looking after your cards only takes a little care, but will pay dividends in lower replacement costs.