Card Games Versus Computer Games

The memories flood back of learning to play games such as euchre and 500 as children and the hours we spent doing the same as we grew up. The fascination such held for me was as a lesson in maths each time we played. Later when at University many of the students would collect around the tables in the student’s quarters and cards were always on the agenda.

What fun we all had and the challenges were exciting. Now, however, there is hardly anyone playing cards because computer and Xbox games have taken over in many homes. My young grandchildren spend hours in front of the television with a joystick in their hands doing stuff that has no intellectual advantage. Even adults have their enjoyment with the things they can do on a computer instead of around a table with the family.

In recent years my endeavours have stretched to Bridge and also playing 500 at the local clubs, which run sessions on week-nights. It is interesting to see how many of the oldies, like me, enjoy the night out and how competitive such endeavours can be.

The brain needs stimulation as one ages and there is no better way to exercise it than by having to think your way to a win in a card game. Isn’t that something young people will get benefits from as well? While my generation grew up in a different world where television and computers had not yet been invented my kids now think they are smarter because they can outdo me on the computer. If only they knew what they are missing out on.

The Guest House Option In Goa – What To Look For

Museums like Naval Aviation Museum, Museum of Goa, Houses of Goa Museum, Goa – Chitra, The Archaeological Museum, Big Foot Museum, Gallery Gitanjali, temples like Shantadurga Temple, Mangeshi Temple, Shri Mahalasa Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple and beaches like Sinquerim Beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Siridao Beach are some of the highlights of Goa not to mention the mouth-watering cuisines it has to offer. My holidays in this part of India are always memorable and with so many itineraries I am assured of getting all needs catered to even when I am travelling with family or friends. Accommodation plays a huge role when it comes to travel and luckily the options are endless here in Goa. I decided to try out the guest houses here in one of my trips and the results were just as fulfilling.

If you are traveling to Goa for the first time and you are considering a guest house stay, you can follow my rules of selecting the best; you can never go wrong when you take the time to look at all aspects that matter. Whether the holiday interests are in North Goa or South Goa, you will have plenty of guest houses to choose from.

When I am here, I begin by thinking about the kind of location I want during my stay. The beach is sometimes what I want and thus I select guest houses that are near the beach. On trips when I want to get away from all the noise and activities, I look for properties that are set a little further from the centers so I can also enjoy some natural serene surroundings. If an intimate, relaxing holiday is what you are looking for, then guest houses set around nature are the way to go like guest houses near the beaches like Sinquerim Beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Siridao Beach.

The size also matters because it may determine just how many guests I will be sharing the property with so I always look at that. The number of apartments or units may vary from property to another here in Goa, but for me, the fewer the better because it translates into more privacy, calm and quietness when needed. The options are numerous so any kind of traveler will find a size they love the most.

A holiday guest house is supposed to be like a home away from home so checking out the amenities and services provided for does matter to me. I am always hunting for the most comfortable rooms and amazing service delivery. Some of the guest houses here are willing to make adjustments to meet my preferences, but you would have to abide by what you find with some. Goa guest house options are numerous and I search till I get something I am most comfortable with like Gabriel Guest House, Anjunapalms Guest House, Veronica Guest House, Palolem Guest House.

Even though security is not really an issue in Goa, I still take the step of finding out how the security is in and around the guest house just to be sure. I want to be sure that help will be handy when I need it the most and that I can relax and enjoy my stay without worrying about invasions or losing any items. It has always helped to find about all security measures the house has in place regardless of where in Goa it is located. There are over 300 guest houses in Goa and you will be able to find one which satisfies your security concerns Some of best are Om Sai Guest House, Bougainvillea Guest House, Pinto Guest House, Evershine Guest house

How to Use Statistics in Playing Cards

Millions of people enjoy playing bridge and millions of players understand the basic rules of the game. They practice and play every day. Many reach a certain level of expertise and then plateau. Their game stops improving.

What’s responsible for this plateau? For many the answer is statistics. Or to be more accurate, a lack of understanding or knowledge of how to use statistics when you are playing.

What do statistics have to do with playing bridge, I hear you ask? The answer is “a lot”. They can be, and often are, the barrier to becoming a better bridge player.

Let’s assume, for example, that you are declarer. Once the opponents have made their opening lead dummy’s hand is exposed for all to see. You know which cards you hold and which cards dummy holds.

Now assume that you are playing a trump contract. Dummy holds 5 cards in trumps and you hold 4, a total of 9 cards. That means that your opponents hold 4 trump cards between them.

You need to plan your play. Depending on which cards you hold in trumps you may need to try and work out how the trumps are split between the opponents. A 4-0 split may mean the game plays very differently from the way it would play if there was a 2-2 split.

You can’t know for certain how the cards split in any given situation, but you can use statistics to give you a better chance. Then you can play for the most likely scenario – the percentage play. This won’t always work, but over a number of games it will give you the better chance of winning more games.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of statistics associated with playing bridge. The best players will have memorised and will use all of them. Those of us who are more modest, home or club players will just remember a few – the ones that we think will be most useful to us and that we will be able to understand use.

So, back to our trump split. While we are planning our play it may seem to us that a 4-0 trump split between the opponents will need us to play differently from a 2-2 split, or a 3-1 split. We can’t know how they split and we might not be able to plan for all 3 scenarios. So which should we choose as the most likely?

Statistics tell us that the probability of a 4-0 split is 10%. However, the provability of a 2-2 split is 40% and the probability of a 3-1 split is 50%. It probably doesn’t make sense to plan for a 4-0 split – although if it becomes obvious early on that the cards split that way, you will want to rethink your plan.

In a scenario where a 4-0 split could have a major effect on the number of tricks you win, you may feel that you want to test the split early on in the game by drawing a round of trumps (or whichever suit is of concern). If one of the opponents shows out in the first round, then you know you are up against a 4-0 split and can replan your play.

If testing the split isn’t possible, then you will probably want to make the percentage play and hope your approach pays off.

If there are 5 cards missing from a suit, the percentage chances change. The probability of a 5-0 split is just 4% (and the opponents may have helped you work out if that is likely to be the case by bidding that suit). The probability of a 4-1 split is 28%, but the probability of a 3-2 split is 68%. You will probably want to make your initial plan on the assumption of a 3-2 split.

Planning your play is an essential skill, and knowing some basic statistics will help you plan. But bridge is a dynamic game and you need to be prepared to rethink your plan if the opponents wrong foot you, or the statistics don’t work in your favor.